How to use "Nevron Diagram for .Net" in WPF APplication
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By Qaus Qazah - 4 Years Ago
Please suggest me any tutorial how to use "Nevron Diagram for .Net" in WPF Application.I have successfully done the task for WindowsForm Application.But my actual project in which I have to work is WPF Application.When I create WPF Application all controls of Nevron Toolbox are disabled and I am not able to use them.

Using Nevron Open Vision I have accessed Nevron Diagram(Binary/XML) but I am not able to show that in DrawingViewControl.

The objective of using Nevron Diagram for .Net is I want to draw any diagram in Nevron Draw and integrate this drawn diagram in WPF Application and changing the Fill Style or Text Property of different shapes Programmatically on different events.I should be able to access each shape in my code, so that I may control/change its properties.I have done all this in Windows Form Application but how can I achieve the same in WPF?
By Nevron Support - 4 Years Ago

Please take a look at the Hosting NOV in WPF documentation topic for a detailed information on how to create and initialize a WPF application that uses NOV components. In the upcoming update of NOV we are going to include some project templates and you will be able to start a new NOV project by simply selecting the type of project you are interested in the Visual Studio "New Project" dialog.