Tabbing between fields
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By NeilTurp - 3 Years Ago
Hi,  I have a problem I can't see the fix for.  I have designed a few windows in Xamarin Mac with a mixture of Monomac and Nevron controls, with the expectation that users can use the Tab key to move between input fields.  However, whenever I use a Nevron control in a NNovWidgetHost on the window, the Tab key does not work at all, or it works till we reach the Nevron control then gets stuck.  It's a real stopper.  What have I missed?

By Nevron Support - 3 Years Ago
The NNovWidgetHost is a normal view, which will get the focus on the Tab key. However the inner control inside the view has to be manually focused when that happens, because even though the host is focused the inner focus is maintained in other ways. See the following topic about keyboard: