I need a dashboard like control

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By Luis Hage - 5 Years Ago
Something similar to this:

Any idea?
By Nevron Support - 5 Years Ago
Hello Luis,
You can download Nevron Open Vision for .NET - the suite includes all controls required for the development of similar dashboards.
By Luis Hage - 5 Years Ago
Thanks! I'm trying the suite, but I need examples of drag and drop controls in panels.
By Luis Hage - 5 Years Ago
The controls/widgets need to be able to move like this:

Or like this:

By Nevron Support - 5 Years Ago
Hi Luis,

It is possible to achieve something like this with NOV widgets by subscribing and handling certain events (e.g. MouseDown, MouseMove, MouseUp, etc.). Creating the animation effect would be a bit trickier, but is also possible by using timers and repositioning the widgets on timer ticks.

If you want us to implement a sample application that includes all of these features, you can take advantage of our custom development services. For more information feel free to contact us.