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By Harald Boeglmueller - 7 Years Ago
How can i change the following things on NRichTextViewWithRibbon?

The name of the Ribbon Tab (Home, Insert, ...)
Add new Ribbon Tab
Add and remove items from Ribbon Group

Are there any full running example of the Rich Text Editor with Ribbon? Not with NRichTextViewWithRibbon but step by step.
I am new in that and need to know how to build it by myself.
Perhaps there is a pre NRichTextViewWithRibbon version from a earlier version of Open Vision Rich Text Editor.
By Nevron Support - 7 Years Ago

The following documentation topic explains how to customize the NOV rich text ribbon:
NOV Rich Text Ribbon

You can also take a look at the following example that comes with NOV:
Rich Text Editor -> Tasks -> UI Customization -> Ribbon Customization

We will introduce an easy way to rename ribbon tabs and groups in the upcoming new version of NOV.