Changes to XAML added NRichTextViewWithRibbonControl by C# code behind
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By Harald Boeglmueller - 5 Years Ago
I added the NRichTextViewWithRibbonControl via XAML and VSStudio Designer.
How to make changes by code behind and C# ?
- Add custom things
- Add and remove Tab Pages

Please don't answer me with the standard documentation topic.
I know all of this. But the documentation explains only the doing for the code only version, but nothing about XAML and code behind.
And the code snippets only describe the handling for the NRichTextRibbonBuilder.
So why do you add NRichTextViewWithRibbonControl with full functionality, if it is not possible to change something to this?

I bought the Enterprise Edition and need your help.

Please give me a a sufficient example.
By Nevron Support - 5 Years Ago

The NOV rich text view with ribbon control is added to the Visual Studio toolbox to make it easy to create a rich text view with ribbon that contains all standard commands available for the NOV rich text editor.

If you want to customize the ribbon by adding/removing commands, you should do this via code. In this case you should not use the rich text view with ribbon control but rather extend the rich text view ribbon builder in order to customize it and then use it to create the rich text view ribbon. The following documentation topic contains more information and an example: Text Ribbon.

You can also take a look at the following example that comes with Nevron Open Vision: Rich Text Editor -> Tasks -> UI Customization -> Ribbon Customization.