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By Pawel Pietrzak - 3 Years Ago
I'm using NLayeredWindow as Splash Screen in my app.
Earlier I had always Image with a background (GIF files), now I got new issue: create Splash with transparent background (GIF is with transparency background). I founded properties for NLayeredWindow -> "Splashwindow.Transparent = true;" But this doesn't work for me...
Is it possible to do it?

The code which I'm using below:

System.Drawing.Bitmap bmp = Properties.Resources.Splash;
SplashWindow = new Nevron.UI.WinForm.Controls.NLayeredWindow();
Splashwindow.Moveable = false;
Splashwindow.BackgroundImage = bmp as System.Drawing.Image;
System.Drawing.Point centerLocation = Nevron.UI.NUISystem.GetCenterLocation(System.Windows.Forms.Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds, Splashwindow.BackgroundImage.Size);

Best regards,
By Nevron Support - 3 Years Ago
Hi Pawel,

If your gif image has transparent background it should be displayed as it is regardless of the Transparent property.
Please, make sure that the image has transparent background.
Just for the check you can try with some of your old images to make sure that the problem is in the image.

Please, let us know if the problem persist.
By Pawel Pietrzak - 3 Years Ago
Hi, I did find the solution. I used:
this.TransparencyKey = (BackColor);