NLabelElement with Html
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By Den Zavor - 3 Years Ago
Hi all,
I'm using NGalleryItem with the NLabelElement. These controls are great, but I'm stick with the showing html in the Text attribute of the NLabelElement.
This control shows the html text like "<b>Name</b><br/>Id" very well, but if I try to set the value of the attribute to "<p id={1} path=\"{2}\"><b>Name: {0}</b><br />Polarity: {3}</p>" the control shows this plain text on the form rather than rendered html.
I'm using the control like this:
var item = new NGalleryItem();
item.Label.Text = string.Format("<p id={1} path=\"{2}\"><b>Name: {0}</b><br />Polarity: {3}</p>",
    Name,   // name
      Id,   // dictionary item id
      FilePath,   // rda-file path

could anyone help me?
what am I doing wrong?
By Nevron Support - 3 Years Ago
Hi Den,

You need to put the value of Id attribute in quotes like in path attribute.
However, there is no sense to put such attributes in paragraph tag because the parser that is used does not recognize them.
Please, note that this is not fully functional html parser.

By Den Zavor - 3 Years Ago
The quotes do solve the problem!
Thank you for the quick and useful reply!
Also instead of p-tag I've used the span-tag, thank you!