Heat Map with added NAxisConstLines - How to bring ConstLines to top

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By joern kunze - 4 Years Ago
Hi Experts,
I have a NHeatMapSeries plot which looks like:

I have added NAxisConstLines for the X-Axis in the following way:
   //--- Grid: Add constlines between single fields of HeatMap
    if (true) {
      for (int iX = (centerX * -1); iX < centerX; iX++) {
       NAxisConstLine oBoarderLine = chart.Axis(StandardAxis.PrimaryX).ConstLines.Add();
       oBoarderLine.StrokeStyle.Color = Color.SteelBlue;
       oBoarderLine.StrokeStyle.Width = new NLength(2.0f);
       oBoarderLine.FillStyle = new NColorFillStyle(new NArgbColor(255, Color.SteelBlue));
       oBoarderLine.Value = iX;

How can I bring these Lines to a topmost plot level so that they appear visible over the heatmap ?

Thanks for your help,
best regards,

By Nevron Support - 4 Years Ago
Hi Joern,

You can tell the axes to display on the front chart wall - the following code shows how to achieve this with a simple bar chart:
NChart chart = nChartControl1.Charts[0];

NBarSeries bar = new NBarSeries();


// transparent visible front wall
chart.Wall(ChartWallType.Front).Visible = true;
chart.Wall(ChartWallType.Front).FillStyle = new NColorFillStyle(Color.Transparent);
chart.Wall(ChartWallType.Front).BorderStyle.Width = new NLength(0);

// axis constline shows on the front wall only
NAxisConstLine constline = new NAxisConstLine();
constline.Value = 10;
constline.SetShowAtWall(ChartWallType.Back, false);
constline.SetShowAtWall(ChartWallType.Front, true);

Hope this helps - let us know if you have any questions or meet any problems.
By joern kunze - 4 Years Ago
thanks a lot - making the front wall visible does the trick !

Best regards,