Problem with image not showing up in html
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By Tom Galczynski - Last Year
Hi guys. I am having trouble with images that I paste into the NOV RichTextView control not showing up when saving to html. I have attached 3 files to illustrate what I mean. nevronpictures.png shows the images as they appear in the control, along with some text in a 3 row single column table. First and third cells have an image, second cell text. I save the source to html (see attached file picturetest.html.txt). The html output seems to include the images, but when I open the html in Chrome, the images do not appear. Please see attached file nevronchrome.png to show what I see in Chrome.
The only unusual thing we are doing with html is we added a NHtmlSaveSettings.InLineStyles = True to correct problems we had with CSS in our html emails and Outlook. Is there anything else you can see that might be causing this issue?

Appreciate your help! Thanks,
Tom G.
By Nevron Support - Last Year
Hi Tom,

Thank you for sending us the resulting HTML file and the screenshots. The images in the HTML file are exported in Nevron Raster Image format (NRI), which is a proprietary Nevron image format and can only be read and displayed by NOV components. It is not supported by the web browsers and that's why you don't see the images in any of them.

Can you please send us the code you use to insert the images into the rich text document? We will analyze it and tell you how to fix this issue.
By Tom Galczynski - Last Year
The user cuts and pastes the images directly into the control.  Then we essentially SaveToStream as RTF format:

Public Property Stream As System.IO.MemoryStream
    Dim richTextView As Nevron.Nov.Text.NRichTextView = Me._currentView
    If richTextView IsNot Nothing Then
      Dim currentLayout As Nevron.Nov.Text.ENTextLayout = richTextView.Content.Layout
       richTextView.Content.Layout = Me._currentLayout
       Dim MS As New System.IO.MemoryStream
       If Me.Format = DocumentFormats.Html Then
        'Use inline styles because Outlook doesn't handle css well.
        Dim saveSettings As New Nevron.Nov.Text.Formats.Html.NHtmlSaveSettings
        saveSettings.InlineStyles = True
        richTextView.SaveToStream(MS, Me.DocumentFormat, saveSettings)
        richTextView.SaveToStream(MS, Me.DocumentFormat)
       End If
       Return MS
       richTextView.Content.Layout = currentLayout
      End Try
    End If
(There's more in the attached txt file.)
Let me know if you need more. Thanks!
By Tom Galczynski - Last Year
Sorry just realized in my previous post I wrote we used SaveToStream in RTF format.  I meant to say HTML format. The problem is with images in HTML format.  Thanks!
By Tom Galczynski - Last Year
Hi, just checking if there has been any progress on this issue? Is there a way I can specify the image format to use on a SaveToStream in HTML format?  Thanks!
By Nevron Support - Last Year
Hi Tom,

We tried to reproduce the issue with the latest version of the NOV components, but we couldn't reproduce it. All images inserted through copy/paste were exported to HTML in the default image format used by the HTML exporter - PNG.

Can you please tell us which version of the NOV components you are currently using?

It would be great if you also send us a rich text document you are experiencing the issue with, saved to the Nevron native NTX format, for testing.

Thank you!
By Tom Galczynski - Last Year
I was using 2017.1 (build version  Tried using the latest (2019.1( and the images are saved to html as PNG and Outlook displays them correctly.  Thanks!