Suppressing DIagramVIew From Trying to Scale with DPI?
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By Jason Irby - 9 Months Ago

We are using ver.

Our App is DPI aware.  We have to keep it that way.

However we have lots of diagrams out in the field where the shape dimensions are in pixel units and the line stroke width is in pts.
At high DPI the thickness of the line strokes are scaling up while the shapes are the same size leading to ugliness at 300% DPI. 

It's fine at 100% DPI.  Is there a property or method I can use to tell the NDrawingView control to NOT attempt to scale it's diagram shapes to DPI so that it essentially renders like it does at 100% DPI,  even though the rest of our app needs to scale?

Thanks in advance.
Jason Irby

By Nevron Support - 9 Months Ago
Hi Jason,

Currently, there is no way to tell the diagram to discard the window resolution. This functionality can be added to the control however you'll have to upgrade to the most recent version of the software as we cannot modify/support previous versions.