Parallelization issue with the PersistenceManager
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By Niranjan Singh - 2 Years Ago
Hi Team,

We are trying to create drawing documents using the saved diagram XML string in parallel threads and we found that "persistencyManager.LoadFromStream" is blocking the thread.
It is locking the threads and making them wait to complete.

using (MemoryStream drawingStream = new MemoryStream(System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(drawingString)))
          // now load the persistent document from the memory stream
          NPersistencyManager persistencyManager = new NPersistencyManager();
          drawingStream.Position = 0;
          persistencyManager.LoadFromStream(drawingStream, Nevron.Serialization.PersistencyFormat.XML, null);
         NDrawingDocument nDrawing = (NDrawingDocument)persistencyManager.Persistentdocument.Sections[0].Object;

Any idea that how can we parallelize this in an efficient way so that we can load multiple diagrams from the list of xml strings.
By Nevron Support - 2 Years Ago

We recommend you try loading each document in a different thread. To do that, create a new instance of NPersistencyManager in each thread and load the document with it.