Web Server Licensing

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By Mike O'Ceirin - Last Year
My web hosting service is going to close. The new web host I have chosen is not going to allow me to run the license manager on my hosting server. I know that it is possible to embed the license into my website application. I have been looking for that without success. From what I have read I need the server ID plus the license code and then write that into the code of my application which is C#. I have seen this code but I can no longer find it. So can you point me in the right direction to do this. I will remove the code of my website from the old server is there anything else that I would need to do?
By Mike O'Ceirin - Last Year
I posted this seven days ago many people have looked at it but no one is willing to answer the question. I am now in a situation where my web application has been migrated to the new server and I am waiting on an answer. How do I move to a number server, I have its machine ID. I have put this directly to support 24 hours ago still no answer. Someone must know what I should do please say something.