Can older versions of Diagram for .Net work in a .Net 5 app?
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By Jason Irby - 2 Years Ago
We are using an older version of Diagram for .Net ( I think).
We are considering upgrading our app to .Net 5.  Do you know if these controls would still work properly in a .Net 5 application?
Thanks in advance,
By Nevron Support - 2 Years Ago

We have successfully created a C# WinForms .NET 5.0 application that uses the latest version of Nevron Diagram for .NET (2019.1). The sample project is attached to this message.

Please note that version is 11 years old and we do not plan to test its compatibility with new technologies like .NET 5.0. We recommend that you update to the latest version of Nevron Diagram for .NET if you plan to use it with new technologies and frameworks.

If you are starting a new project, you can also take a look at our latest diagramming component - NOV Diagram. It includes a lot of new features and improvements, as well us much better Visio files compatibility compared to our older diagramming component Nevron Diagram for .NET.
By Jason Irby - 2 Years Ago
Thanks for the example. 

We are considering upgrading to the latest Diagram for .Net, but our app is quite complex and we are nervous about all the possible changes to the API that might have occurred in that time and how much will have to be reworked or destabilized.

We created a trivial test app with the ver. 10 Nevron Diagram control and then converted the project to .Net 5.  Our trivial example did seem to run in .Net 5, but the control was not usable in the designer.

We haven't started a trial yet for the newest binaries so I couldn't run your example.  I did briefly look at the code. I noticed in your example, everything was done in the class code and the diagram view wasn't placed on the form in the designer file.  Is this because the newest Nevron diagram controls also can't work with the .Net 5 designer?

By Nevron Support - 2 Years Ago

Nevron Diagram controls are not compatible with the .NET 5 WinForms designer, but other than that the latest version of controls (2019.1) works fine in .NET 5 WinForms applications. The controls should be added via code in a .NET 5 WinForms application as shown in the sample project we've attached to our previous comment.