Transfer Single Developer License to a New Development Machine?
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By - 6 Months Ago

We have licensed the "Nevron Chart for .NET Enterprise + Subscription" and have generated Web Server, Desktop, and Single Developer Subscription keys. Our product uses the Desktop License key product at runtime, and that is successful. However, as documented, that key cannot be used for debugging, and the License Key Manager must supply the Single Developer Subscription keys.

I may have a need to move development machines. The old development machine will no longer be used, and a new development machine will be used in its place. How will that work? How is the key transferred to the new machine? Will the License Key Manager need to be run on the new development machine? Will a new Machine ID be needed? Will the old Single Developer Subscription key need to be revoked? What is the workflow and process here?

Thank you!

By Nevron Support - 6 Months Ago
Hello Mat, 

First, you have to deactivate the license key on your old machine. To do this, you should open the LKM shipped with the control, select the key, and revoke it. Copy the revoked key to the clipboard. The next step is to log in to the Nevron website and open the License Key Page. Click on the Revoke button next to the license key that has to be deactivated. A new window should open - place the revoked key from the LKM in the respective field. 
To generate a license key you need to place the new machine ID (obtained from the new machine LKM) in the respective field and press the Generate button.

More detailed information with screenshots is available on the following link / How to generate a license key?  and How to revoke a license key? 

Hope we helped - let us know if you have any questions or meet any problems! We will be glad to help!