Participate in the Nevron .NET Vision Localization Contribution and Win
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By Nevron Support - 10 Years Ago

The Nevron Localization Manager Editor is used to edit the localization info in the Nevron .NET Vision suite.


The NLocalizationManager comes with the .NET Vision installation and provides simple solution for localizing Nevron's internal strings. This make it easy to localize the whole Nevron Vision suit to a language of your choice. All you have to do is to translate the XML file that contains the localizable strings in your own language and then load it in the localization manager. The translation can be done using the built-in localization manager editor.


The localization manager contains several dictionaries. Each of them holds the data for a specific component of the Nevron .NET Vision Suite. When the localization manager receives a translation request it first searches in the dictionary specified in the request and if no translation is found then it searches in the global dictionary. If the global dictionary does not contain a translation of the specified term either, then the term itself is returned as a result.


Participate in the .NET Vision Localization by sending your dictionaries to: Nevron Support Team

Our team will review the dictionaries and we will consider to provide completed translations as download resources available from our website.


You could win a full subscription license for the .NET Vision suite Enterprise edition!

As appreciation to devoted developers, participating with complete dictionaries which are approved, we will gladly provide full subscription for your contribution.