Participate in the Nevron Diagram Contribution and Win
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By Nevron Support - 11 Years Ago

We are looking for diagrams, maps and combinations created with Nevron Diagram for .NET or Nevron Diagram Designer sample application to present them on our website, and to show the world what you can do with the leading diagramming tools from Nevron.


Participate in the Diagram Contribution by sending your diagrams to: Nevron Support Team

- You need to send a screenshot of the generated diagram as well as saved XML file (.ndx)

- Provide a brief description of the diagram, explain what the nodes and edges represent

- Provide a brief description of how the diagram was created: what automatic layout has been used, are there any permissions, specific ports, styles etc.


Our team will review the submitted diagrams and we will consider to include them in our website gallery and the diagram examples resources.


You could win a full license for the Diagram for .NET Professional edition!

As appreciation to devoted developers, approved diagram contributions will be awarded with a full license.