Added Licensing code with Desktop Key and I still get water mark... What do I do?
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By Clinton Chapman - 8 Years Ago
Added this code with the Desktop Key in place of the xxxxx below:

NLicense license = new NLicense("xxxxx");
NLicenseManager.Instance.LockLicense = true;

I have tried putting this in the main Program.cs and in the user control which uses Nevron.

I un-installed everything and downloaded the latest version of Nevron .NET Vision 2012.1 for VS2010 which did not help either.

- Clinton
By Nevron Support - 8 Years Ago

Hi Clinton,

We have reviewed your account and it looks like you have not yet provided us with the development machine IDs (as well as production server machine IDs). Currently you have only the Desktop license – the Desktop license is required only for redistributing your compiled WinForm desktop applications. You don’t have to include the Desktop license in the License Key Manager but configure it through code.

First, make sure that you have the latest version build of the Nevron Vision for .NET.

You should then do the following:
- Run the License Key Manager on your development machine
- Send the machine ID that is reported or send a screenshot of the manager to:

We will then issue your developer license for the latest version.

Do not hesitate to contact our team directly if you have additional questions.

By Jarrett Robertson - 7 Years Ago
I have a similar problem. I am able to develop with Nevron and I don't have a watermark on my development machine however when I deploy it to another computer that doesn't have any license (compiled binaries) I get a message that there is no valid key and to contact sales. I added the code to my controls constructor so it should be getting called. I checked my account and the only think I'm missing is the server machine id but that shouldn't matter as I'm not deploying to a server this is another desktop machine.

Any help would be appreciated.
By Nevron Support - 7 Years Ago

Hi Bruce,

In order to make the application redistributable (that is run on other desktops without watermark etc.) you need to also apply the desktop license key provided when you purchased the control. Let us know if you meet any problems or have any questions.

By Jarrett Robertson - 7 Years Ago
I'm a bit confused as what you mean by apply the key. I added the code from the documentation

NLicense license = new NLicense("XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX");
NLicenseManager.Instance.LockLicense = true;

where the X's are replaced by my desktop key. I copied the key from My Account and pasted it so I'm sure that I didn't mistype the key in. This code is the first thing that happens when my control is initialized so unless I'm missing something else I don't know what applying the license means.

By Michael Smith - 7 Years Ago
I'm having the same problem as Bruce - I have my license code pasted into the source code in a similar way and everything looks fine on my development machine but as soon as I deploy my compiled software on a 3rd party machine the demo watermark appears.
I'm using the 2009 version of Nevron Chart. Key is installed in the registry of the devel machine with the license key manager.
Any ideas on what to try next?
By Nevron Support - 7 Years Ago

Hi Michael,

It is important to apply the license key from code before the control begins to render in order to redistribute the control. We would recommend to contact for further details / help in resolving this issue as it may require an online meeting etc...

By Sebastian Borufka - 5 Years Ago
Well, I know this thread is old but I'm having the same or at least a very related issue.
I used the license manager to add three licenses (community edition) on my developer machine.

Now I wanted to test my application on a peer's machine but to no avail.
I took this code from your documentation:

SnippetNLicense license = new NLicense("XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX");
NLicenseManager.Instance.LockLicense = true;

This is ultimately the first code being executed in the application startup, way before any control gets instantiated.
No error, warning or anything. The control just says there is no license. BUT, a FormatException is raised as soon as I try to print out the license to the console. Once exception breaks are disabled the application starts, but the console says: License Key: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

Exception details: Guid should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx)

Maybe I missed the obvious, but what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Kind regards.
By Nevron Support - 5 Years Ago
Hi Sebastian,
You don't need the 3 licenses in the key manager - only the Developer license has to be saved in the key manager.

You have to configure the Desktop and Server licenses programmatically (in the license sting). You can add multiple licenses in the license string with comma separation.

Hopefully this helps.
By Sebastian Borufka - 5 Years Ago
Hello, thanks for your reply.

It works locally on my machine if I do like you advised. I added only the Developer license to the manager. So everything is fine for me to work.

But the real issue appears when I try to provide the compiled executable to a different machine. The mentioned code is executed right in the app startup event, so for sure there's no UI initialized at that moment. I copied and pasted the Desktop license as I understood this would be the license required for distribution, is that correct? If so, it just doesn't work as the chart control is still saying it couldn't find any license. I also tried to provide Desktop and Server license via code but still to no avail. Only if I provide the Developer license it works on different machines but doing that doesn't make any sense to me.

Should the Desktop license work on any machine or do I need to specify a machine ID, register its name somewhere or anything like this?

Thanks again for your help!
Kind regards,
By Nevron Support - 5 Years Ago
Hi Sebastian,

Let's schedule a web meeting to check what's the problem with the code / license etc. Please send an e-mail to with date / time that's convenient for you.