NFormulaEngine.Variables.Add() throws exception since version
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By Oliver Münchow - 9 Years Ago
Currently i switched from version to version and i encounter a problem by using the NFormulaEngine.

The problem can simply be reproduced:

- Take the example code from your help site:
- Execute it.
- At engine.Variables.Add() an System.Exception with the message "Cannot compare a variant with null variant" will be thrown.

By simply switching back to the old version the problem is gone, but that's not the kind of workaround i like to do.
By Oliver Münchow - 9 Years Ago
After getting no feedback from Nevron not here nor by email i just tested out the latest version, but the problem still occurs.
By Nevron Support - 9 Years Ago
The problem occurs because the == operator was defined for the NVariant class, but we did not check for nulls. The problem is fixed and the fix will appear in the next service pack.
By Nevron Support - 9 Years Ago
You should now be able to download the new sp - build version: