Getting error for references
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By Hakoo Desai - 8 Years Ago
I am trying to open project which already developed and getting Error in licence.licx. In my system, install Assemblies have version and project has version, how can I resolve it?

And also, when I am trying to create with new project, I am getting error "The type or namespace name 'Nevron' could not found."

How can I resolve this problems?
By Nevron Support - 8 Years Ago

Hello Hakoo,
You may need to update the project references and add references to the Nevron assemblies you have installed.

Regarding the error when creating a new project – which is the version of Nevron Vision for .NET you have installed and what is the project targeted framework?
Have you added all the required Nevron references?

You may need to contact the Support Department to resolve these issues.