The problem in using NTreeList in the project there is the Crystal report
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By mustafa tausi - 9 Years Ago

I'm using Crystal report of my project.
When not used in the project of NTreeList no problem.
But when I use NTreeList In My Project ,Crystal report preview unordered.

Why this happens?

Please Help Me?

By mustafa tausi - 9 Years Ago
To understand this, look at the photos app.

I'm waiting for your comments.

By Nevron Support - 9 Years Ago
Hello Mustafa,

Could you explain what is the relation between NTreeList and the table used in Crystal Report?
It is hard to guess what might be the problem just looking the images.
By mustafa tausi - 9 Years Ago

No communication between Crystal Report Table And NTreeList Table.

They are two different reports with two different table.

I am Using
VS 2012
Win7,WinServer 2008 R2
Crystal Report 2012

Do you have a special option NTreeList to display a Crystal report that change gets in trouble؟