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By Mark Sullivan - 10 Years Ago

A business associate in our company, saw a gauge from Nevron.  It is a round "speedometer style" gauge . We can see how to create a completely circular speedometer-style gauge, however in this particiular guage round the outside panel does not extend all the way to the bottom. It is the part of the gauge that does not cover the full 360 degrees, that we can not figure out how to re-produce.   There examples of the gauge are shown in     http://www.nevron.com/Products.GaugeForSQLReportingServices.Overview.aspx

In the aforementioned link, the gauge of interest are the bottom-middle examples.

Can someone please tell me how we create such a gauge. 








By Nevron Support - 10 Years Ago

Hello Mark,
You should review the Gauge Border settings – Rounded Outline.
From the designer General tab, you can also check the Gauge sub-type, the Begin and Sweep angles.

If you have installed the Nevron Vision for SSRS examples, you can take a look at the following example:  Borders_Styles.rdl