Invalid Map using ReportViewer control
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By Mark Sullivan - 8 Years Ago

We are unable to use action feature of the gauge under ASP.Net Visual Studio ReportViewer control. We want to click on the gauge to show its detail data but are unable to perform this using the ReportViewer control. Note it works fine under Reporting Services directly.

The issue:  The html map created, adds a GUID to the value of the name parameter. See attached files for examples.

    The "does-not-work" example is the HTML that is produced automatically.

    The "does-work" example is modified HTML we edited by hand.

By Nevron Support - 8 Years Ago

Hi Mark,

Unfortunately we have no control how the HTML map is generated - the control uses CRI integration interface with SSRS and does not write this map directly - it is probably a bug in SSRS - what is the version that you currently use?