Programatically scrolling Mdi parent window
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By Craig Swearingen - 8 Years Ago
I've created a docking panel Mdi application.  I'd like to provide a feature where a user can activate an Mdi child window and have it scroll into view within the Mdi parent window if needed.  From the NUIDocument.Host I can reference the Location property of the NMdiChild window within the parent to find its position.  However, after looking around for a while I can't seem to find how to send a command to the mdi parent window to tell it to scroll vertically or horizontally.  I expected to be able to access a VerticalScroll and HorizontalScroll object on the mdi parent form but I've been unable to see how to get that object and properly change in.  I'm hoping I'm just overlooking something.  Is it possible to do this?  I'd appreciate any suggestions.