Having trouble using the data I have to make chart

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By Shelli Godfrey - 7 Years Ago

I am trying to figure out how to graph with my SharePoint List.
I have it already in a "Pivot Table" like format so I am having a hard time getting what I want.
This is a simplified version of the list table:
        A B C Target Calculated Column Average
Initial 1 1 0   1     .67
1/1/01  1 2 0   1     1
1/2/01  2 3 1   2     2
1/3/01  3 3 2   2     8/3

I can manipulate the table so I can create charts but that is more work when individuals (A, B, C...) are constantly entering in data.
The column headers are what I want as the x axis categories (A, B, C)
There is a column with the dates for each row of data but it is text because the first row says "Initial". I want to create a graph for the "Initial" row and have a line on the chart for the Target.. I also want to be able to have another chart at any other row (e.g. 1/2/01) and graph A, B, and C against each other.
I also want the capability to chart just one column, let's say "A" over the column (y values) with dates (even in text format, they can be evenly spaced as categories on the x axis).
The chart sees the SharePoint List Calculated column I have as text as well which is strange.

What are my options?

By Nevron Support - 7 Years Ago
Hello Shelli,
From your post it's not clear what you are trying to achieve.
Can you please elaborate or contact support@nevron.com directly.