Visual Studio Designer Support for NOV UI controls?
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By Ivan Mitev - 6 Years Ago

I have just installed the latest version of the NOV suite (2015.1), and I have checked that in VS.NET 2013 I have only 6 controls in the Toolbox when opening a WinForms form (RichTextView, NumericLedDisplay, 2 gauges, 2 barcodes).

Is it expected that the rest of the controls in the NOV suite have no VS.NET design-time support? And if yes, is there a plan to include such support (or maybe have some external tool to quickly prepare the initial layout in a WYSIWYG mode)?

By Nevron Support - 6 Years Ago
Hi Ivan,

Yes we plan to add design time control for all major controls in NOV - if you use the standard designer to create interfaces it will decrease the performance of the UI - the preferred integration method is trough code - this also allows you to build applications that have minimal dependencies on the WinForms/WPF/Silverlight and are easily portable to Mac/Linux/Android/iOS (some of those host are still in development). We're also going to have project templates integrated in VS that will speed up the development with NOV.

Let us know if you meet any problems or have any questions.