NDockingPanel.TabInfo.Index not referenced on auto hidden panel

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By Craig Swearingen - 6 Years Ago
I'm loading a layout which had been previously saved with NDockingPanels auto hidden showing their tabs along the left border of my window.  During the NDockingFrameworkState.StateRestored event I iterate through the NDockingFrameworkState.Manager.Panels to both put content on them and set their TabInfo.Index value to show the tab icon.

Once the window is shown there are no icons visible with the text on these tabs.  If I then manually toggle the auto hide I will see the icon on the tab.  If I manually auto hide them again the icon will show with the text on the tab along the left border like I expected to see it when the layout was first loaded.  Thus I know the index is being saved and is correct.

What should I do after my layout is loaded to cause these icons to show on my window?  I've been looking for some kind of refresh method but haven't found anything that helps.
By Nevron Support - 6 Years Ago
Hello Craig,

You can try to call NDockingFrameworkState.Manager.NotifyAutoHideTabsUpdate() after all icons and texts are set.

Please, let us know if the problem persist.
By Craig Swearingen - 6 Years Ago
Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried adding the NDockingFrameworkState.Manager.NotifyAutoHideTabsUpdate()  after the NDockingFrameworkState.Load() finished and it had no affect.  The problem persists.  Any other suggestions?