Getting Started instructions for MonoMac -> a few corrections
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By Karl Hulme - 6 Years Ago

While trialling NOV for Xamarin/Mac I encountered a few issues.  Hopefully this post will help someone else, or better yet, Nevron could just tweak the docs.

The page in question is here:  > Getting Started > Installing NOV for Mac

First, the method signature for NNovWidgetHost constructor has changed.  So replace
this.ContentView = new NNovWidgetHost<NLabel>(new NLabel("Hello World from Nevron Open Vision"));
this.ContentView = new NNovWidgetHost(new NLabel("Hello World from Nevron Open Vision")); 

Second, there's a typo in the name of the installer class in Main.cs.  So replace

Finally, after you remove the Xamarin MonoMac.dll assembly reference you need to perform a 'Clean All'.  Otherwise you'll receive an error when the .nib file is built saying it doesn't recognise AppDelegate.  Infact, this is only necessary if you attempted a build without first swapping to the Nevron MonoMac.dll assembly.

kind regards