Creating YTD PIE Chart
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By Steve Murray - 7 Years Ago am trying to create a YTD chart for costs (Monthly, Local, Data, International and Roaming).  The information is contained in a Sharepoint Teamsite list which is 15,000 records.  The fields I want to SUM are contained within the individual records, but each record has all of the fields (Monthly, Local, Data, International and Roaming).
The YTD Chart works if I place a filter on Month="10"; but doesn't work and displays nothing if I remove the filter.
Does Nevron Chart support lookups with 15,000 records, multiple fields?
I am attaching screenshots of the Sharepoint code.
1) Screenshot of chart working when I use a filter for Monnth="10"
2) Second screenshot is for value definitions
3) Third screenshot is for filter setting.
By Steve Murray - 7 Years Ago
Problem resolved.... Below are my Value settings.... Still don't know how to get those commas inserted into the number values.
By Nevron Support - 7 Years Ago
Please, take a look at the following Forum topic: