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ASP.NET Chart Shape Series Style in 3D

Shapes in 3D

The Shape Style in 3D offers a comprehensive perspective on how different 3D shapes interact in a virtual environment. Understanding the unique attributes of various shapes and how they can affect the overall design is essential. This collection provides a broad range of possibilities to explore.

Each example in this set illustrates the distinct features of a particular shape and how it interacts with other shapes in 3D space. For instance, the Bar represents a basic rectangular shape, while the Cut Edge and Smooth Edge Bars highlight how the edge design can impact the overall appearance of the shape.

The Cylinder showcases a cylinder's smooth, curved edges and how it interacts with other shapes. On the other hand, the Cone and Inverted Cone add a dynamic element to any design with their tapering points. With their sharp-edged and pointy shape, the Pyramid and Inverted Pyramid can add height to any composition.

Lastly, the Ellipsoid presents an organic, rounded shape that can offer a softer touch to any 3D design.