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Chart walls are an essential component of charts that help create a realistic 3D look and improve the presented data's readability. They are especially important in 3D mode Cartesian charts, which have six walls, one for each side of the chart box. The use of chart walls can enhance the visual appeal of charts, making them more engaging and compelling for viewers.

In 2D mode Cartesian charts, only the back wall can be displayed, which can still contribute to the overall look and feel of the chart. Polar and Radar charts, on the other hand, have only one chart wall, while Pie, Funnel, and Venn charts don't have walls.

Chart walls can significantly impact the outcome. They provide a way to display data more structured and organized, making it easier for viewers to interpret and understand the presented information. Chart walls also create a sense of depth and dimensionality in charts, which can add to their overall aesthetic appeal.


Chart walls are an integral part of charts that allow users to control various aspects of their appearance and functionality. Users can choose to display or hide chart walls, adjust their width, and apply different fill and border styles to suit their needs.

In addition to these features, users can also enable an automatic visibility mode for chart walls in 3D charts that are frequently rotated. This mode dynamically shows and hides chart walls, ensuring a wall never obscures the data. This feature can significantly enhance the user experience, making it easier to interact with and interpret the data presented in the chart.

The ability to customize chart walls gives users greater control over their charts' design and functionality. Users can create charts tailored to their requirements and preferences by adjusting chart wall settings.