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Nevron Wins SD Times 100 Award For 2009 - Nevron has been recognized as Key Innovator and Industry...

Posted By Nevron Support 13 Years Ago

Nevron Wins SD Times 100 Award For 2009 - Nevron has been recognized...

Nevron Support
Posted 13 Years Ago
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Nevron Software, the leader in development of data visualization technology, has been included in the 2009 SD Times 100 Awards list. Nevron has been recognized as key innovator and industry leader - “The Best and Brightest in the Industry”!


SD Times 100 

"The software development industry has always been led by innovation, and that's true even in today's challenging economic climate" said Alan Zeichick, Editorial Director of BZ Media's SD Times. "When choosing the 2009 SD Times 100 winners, we carefully considered each organization's products and services, reputation with enterprise development managers, and the new ideas and thought leadership that it has brought to the industry. Thanks to companies like Nevron, the art of software development continues to advance at a rapid pace."


"Receiving this prestigious award is a valuable recognition of our constant efforts to deliver the leading data visualization technology for the professional developers, development managers and for the always increasing industry demands" says Ivo Milanov, CTO of Nevron Software. "Being recognized as an industry leader in SD Times 100 Awards, in the Components & Libraries category, is very exciting and is great motivation to continue to enhance the Nevron Data Visualization technology."


The 7th Annual SD Times 100 is the newspaper's listing of those companies, organizations and individuals that most broadly "set the agenda" for software development managers, developers, and the industry through leadership and innovation during the past year. It is judged by the editors of SD Times. Nevron has won in the "Components & Libraries" category.



About BZ Media

BZ Media LLC® ( is a high-tech media company combining the best of print and Web-based publishing, offering industry-leading magazines, newspapers, Web sites and conferences. BZ Media’s SD Times® ( is the twice-monthly newspaper of record for the software development industry. SD Times reaches more than 60,000 subscribers in 131 countries. SD Times was recognized by Media Business Magazine as the fastest-growing IT publication in 2007.



About Nevron

Nevron Software is a pathfinder company for component based data visualization technologies. Nevron is a synonym for premium quality product and customer support. The company portfolio includes the leading Charting, Diagramming and UI components for .NET-centric technologies (WinForms, ASP.NET, SQL Server Reporting Services and SharePoint), which aim to provide data visualization, reporting and presentation capabilities that are not to be matched.


Designed by professionals for professionals, Nevron Data Visualization technology delivers rich functionality with exceptional features to your Presentation, Scientific, Financial and Business Intelligence applications.

Best Regards,
Nevron Support Team

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