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How Customers Use Nevron Products

Read our Case Studies and find out how Customers benefit from the Nevron products and consulting services.

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Medical Council of Canada
We needed a solution that could produce a bar graph with overlaid SEM bars. After some research, we determined that Nevron Chart for SSRS was the right fit, allowing us to easily produce a graph such as this.

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Digital metrology
Nevron's Chart for .NET library provides a very professional and polished look – right out of the box. In areas where the defaults didn't fit our needs, we found a wide variety of tools for customization.

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Poyner spruill
Poyner Spruill found Nevron products to be better than advertised. We chose Nevron Chart for SharePoint to quickly and easily deploy visually appealing 3D charts and gauges in our SharePoint environment that draw users to firm dashboards and underlying reports.

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robo com ai
Nevron was unique in the breath of their product offerings, and the importance of finding a single vendor who provided both a diagram component along with a chart component, as we require synchronization between them.

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Merril lynch wealth management
Nevron charting components supersede rival products by means of ease of integration, performance, quality, and dedicated support. The Nevron charting components are integrated as part of Consolidated Investment Analytics application used by quantitative analyst for portfolio construction purposes.

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Business analyze
During the project planning phase we did an evaluation of several charting components. After a long and detailed testing/ prototyping period, we selected Nevron Vision for .NET as the main charting solution for Analyze PRO since it fulfilled all of our needs. Nevron’s charting solution was simple to integrate, powerful and rich in options and as a result, we are using both the charting and the gauge solution.

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Saudi petroleum overseas
Nevron Vision for SharePoint provides SPOL with a fully featured chart design tool, flexible and easy to use data connectors and a simple cost effective licensing model. These combined features have enabled our developers to quickly and efficiently create a wide range of charts from MS SQL views to SharePoint lists. The Nevron Vision for SharePoint feature set has enabled SPOL to produce all required charts in-house, reducing development costs and providing SPOL with a quick ROI.

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pattern discovery
Nevron Vision for .NET Suite enables Pattern Discovery Technologies to focus on what we do best – Data Analytics – while maintaining a consistently professional user experience. Our customers are always impressed with the look and feel of our applications and we have Nevron to thank for that! Pattern Discovery Technologies has standardized the use of Nevron Vision Suite for all of our current and future applications.

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Rad physics
Nevron graphics are clean and robust. We choose Nevron due to their appearance and ease of use in our application. The graphics are powerful and show spectacular data visualization capabilities. The technical support is excellent. We are very happy with the Nevron charting product. As we improve our capability, we will continue to use Nevron graphics in our software program.

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Tes information technology
After evaluating all the different solutions available on the market, we decided to choose Nevron due to the vast array of functionality that it would provide to our clients. We knew that by integrating Nevron technology with our software, our clients would have all the functionality that they would need for years to come and this would in turn make our software more competitive and increase customer satisfaction.

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Advice tech solutions
After an evaluation of other charting products we decide that Nevron has the most flexible and cost effective ASP.Net chart product. We build our dashboard based on Nevron Diagram for .NET. We used the basic organization chart to present the PKI infrastructure hierarchy with the entire metadata attached to each unit.

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Mks ion industries
Nevron Diagram for .NET component fulfilled all our use case requirements and much more. As we worked with the trial version, we were very impressed by the clear C# API. we were most impressed with the ease of development, professional appearance and workflow and reliability. When we did have questions, Nevron's support engineers were quick to respond and very knowledgeable.

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M tech industrial
We are very pleased with our decision to use Nevron. The diagram product is excellent and the support outstanding. To successfully implement an extendible diagram based simulation platform, M-Tech Industrial needed a versatile, well structured and proven diagram platform. Nevron Diagram proved to be all of this and more. Since we selected Nevron Diagram as our diagram platform, we haven't looked back.

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Qmastor technologies
QMASTOR required the chart to be efficient at drawing very large amounts of data to the screen and be equipped with all the functions that a power user would expect; for example, rotate, zoom, 3D slices, complex rendering and printing. After an evaluation of other charting products QMASTOR decided that Nevron was the most efficient and feature rich product to support the stockpile charting requirements.

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Washington state university
Currently, we are using Nevron Chart for .NET to produce multiple, time-series line plots comparing air quality observations with model predictions. Users can select which pollutant and monitoring station to plot, along with the date range of interest. Chart axes are auto scalable, and the charts use data-binding and auto-post-back for dynamically generated graphs. Through time, we hope to expand the use of Nevron Chart tools in our air-quality and climate research.

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Innovation group
The flexibility and dynamic nature of the Nevron Chart controls is a significant contributory factor in delivering easily understood analysis to our customers. Interpretation of results is undoubtedly enhanced through the options provided and the clean nature in which the results can be displayed.

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Insurance technologies
By using Nevron Charts, we have been able to meet our customer's most stringent requirements. Nevron Chart's selection of chart types and styles are outstanding and surpass their competition in many regards. We produce sophisticated financial charts, but we have only scratched the surface of what this control is capable of doing.

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Modulus financial engineering
We chose Nevron because of their long track record and experience in the business and also because their products are easy to use yet very powerful and flexible. We compared offerings with several other vendors but Nevron was the absolute best choice for our clients based on several factors. Nevron’s technical support is extremely dependable and this was one of our deciding factors.

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Tytags australia
After a 3 month review of various control suites on the market Nevron UI was selected for its superior docking functionality... Thanks for the fine product and support over the past year. Without your product and terrific advice and customer support, we could not have finalized our printing solution.

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