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Sales FAQ

Sales FAQs

Below you can find some Frequently Asked Questions related to Nevron products, pricing, licensing, and the purchase process in general. If you have any questions that are not covered in this list, we would be happy to answer them. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the Nevron Sales Team.

Product Licensing - General

Open Vision for .NET product line

Vision for .NET product line

Vision for SharePoint product line

Vision for SSRS product line

Purchase Process and Ordering

Q: Can I place an order online via credit card?

Q: How to obtain and activate your product license(s)?

Q: How long does it take to receive my license key(s)?

Q: What if there are problems with my purchase online order?

Q: Can I order via purchase order?

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

Q: What currency do you accept?

Q: Do you provide refunds?

Q: Do you offer your products through resellers or distributors?

Special Pricing and Discounts

Q: Do you offer volume discounts?

Q: Do you provide discounts for educational, government or not-profit organizations?

Q: Do you offer competitive upgrade discounts?

Demo / Trial / Evaluation Version

Q: Do you provide a demo / evaluation version of the products?

Licensing FAQ

Q: What are the license types and what is included with a license?

Q: How to get the licensing information transferred to a different user and update the account holder?

Q: How many licenses do I need?

Q: Can I use the product on more than one server/project/domain?

Subscription FAQ

Q: What do you mean by subscription?

Q: What's the subscription expiry date?

Q: Subscription renewal costs

Q: When to renew your Subscription?

Q: How to renew a subscription?

Q: My subscription is about to expire. Am I still able to use the product?

Q: My subscription expires in December. Can I pay for renewal in June? Would that mean that my new subscription expires in June next year?

Q: Do I get the same discount on the renewal that I received when I first purchased it?

Q: What happens if a product is discontinued?

Q: If I find a problem with a product, will you fix it?

Q: Can I make a feature request?

Q: Can you add a fix to an earlier version of the product that I am currently using?

Q: Can maintenance dates be synchronized for licenses purchased at different times?

Q: Can I renew only some products/licenses/years in my subscription?

Q: Is there a maximum number of years of software maintenance I can purchase at a time?

Q: Can I add paid support for my existing subscription?