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NOV User Interface for .NET

NOV User Interface for .NET

The Leading UI Toolkit for cross-platform application development with .NET.
Includes 70+ UI Widgets that can be used in any Blazor, WinForms, WPF or Xamarin.Mac User Interface.

Cross platform buttonsCross platform command barsCross platform tree view

NOV User Interface for .NET
The Leading UI Toolkit for cross-platform application development with .NET.

NOV UI for .NET contains a complete and feature-rich set of cross-platform User Interface elements (widgets). It eliminates the need to use platform-specific controls that would ultimately bind your User Interface to a specific platform, look and feel, and API.

When developing advanced UI for your Blazor, WinForms, WPF, or Xamarin, Mac project, the NOV UI for .NET is the only solution that will do the job right. It delivers 70+ UI controls (Widgets) that operate under all these environments from a single code-base, including:

Autocomplete BoxAutoCompleteBox
Check BoxCheck Box
Color PickerColor Pickers
Combo BoxCombo Box
Command BarCommand Bars
Context MenuContext Menu
Context PopupContext Popup
Date Time BoxDate Time Box
Dock PanelDock Panel
Document BoxDocument Box
Drag and DropDrag And Drop
File DialogFile Dialogs
Flow PanelFlow Panel
Group BoxGroup Box
Image BoxImage Box
LabelLabel Box
Layout PanelLayout Panels
List BoxList Box
Menu BarMenu Bar
Message BoxMessage Box
Meta Image BoxMeta Image Box
Navigation BarNavigation Bar
Numeric up downNumeric Up Down
Pair BoxPair Box
Print DialogPrint Dialog
Progress BarProgress Bar
Radio ButtonRadio Button
Range SliderRange Slider
Scroll BarScroll Bar
Scroll ContentScroll Content
Split ButtonSplit Buttons
Stack PanelStack Panel
Table PanelTable Panel
Text BoxText Box
Tool BarTool Bar
Tree ViewTree View
User PanelUser Panels
Widget HostingWidget Hosting

All user interface widgets benefit from the following platform-wide features:
  • High Performance - enjoy unbeatable UI performance, using hardware acceleration, multithreading, and proprietary optimizations for superior user experiences.
  • CSS3 and Themes - the UI is styled with the first managed implementation of CSS level 3, which we have extended with features the W3C still dreams about. Included are many predefined themes that mimic Windows and Mac native look-and-feel.
  • Resolution Independence - the widgets are independent from the screen resolution. This allows you to create UI interfaces that look identical on all screen resolutions.
  • Printable and exportable to PDF - the widgets are designed to be placed in printable content, such as NOV Text Editor and NOV Diagram documents. This helps you create interactive documents that are incredibly rich in features.
  • Cross-platform API - the widgets use 100% identical API under Blazor, WPF, WinForms, and Xamarin.Mac.

Customer Quotes:

QUOTE I really like the fact that standard windows icons are provided with the NOV Ribbon example, avoiding the need to recreate the wheel and giving a more professional appearance. Using the provided Visual Studio NOV solution, it is fairly straightforward to add custom icons with a few extra simple steps. The gallery of C# examples for all controls makes it easy to create custom layouts. For the handful of customizations I could not find in the examples or user forums, the tech support responses got me going within a day. UNQUOTE

Jay Wilson
K2realm, LLC