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Promotions & Special Offers

Promotions & Special Offers

Save on Nevron Products by taking advantage of the ongoing Promotions and Special Offers

Get the new 2017.1 version of Nevron Vision for .NET with 30% discount until 30th of June!

3 0 percent discount

30% discount on Nevron Vision for .NET licenses until 30th of June!

For a limited time* you can purchase Nevron Vision for .NET, or the separate components in the suite, with a 30% discount! Use the following discount coupon NETVISION2017Vol1 before you checkout!

* Valid until 30th of June, 2017
You can also contact our team for additional details: Contact Nevron Sales

Competitive ROI Program

Competitive upgrade

If you already invested in a competitive product from another vendor and yet it does not cover your requirements, it's still not too late to switch to Nevron and preserve your investment by taking advantage of this 30% discount program.

Eligibility: Clients of vendors providing competitive products.

To take advantage of this offer: Contact Nevron Sales.

Nevron Chart for .NET & NMath Partner Bundle

Partner bundle nevron chart n math

CenterSpace is a leading provider of enterprise class numerical component libraries for the .NET platform.

Nevron has teamed with CenterSpace to provide customers with the leading set of tools for their scientific and statistical needs. The partner bundle includes the CenterSpace NMath Suite and the Nevron Chart for .NET Enterprise Subscription.

Eligibility: New and existing customers.

To take advantage of this offer: Contact Nevron Sales.

Nevron - RadiantQ Partner Program

Nevron partner radiant q

RadiantQ is a leading vendor of enterprise quality Gantt controls for .NET and cross-platform Windows and Web application development domains including for SharePoint. Their controls let you implement rich and interactive Project Management and Resource Utilization Visualization modules with ease.

As part of the partnership between Nevron Software and RadiantQ, we are offering a 15% discount when ordering one of the following RadiantQ products bundled with Nevron product license(s):
  • Silverlight Gantt Package developer License
  • WPF Gantt Package developer License
  • XML Gantt Package developer License
  • SharePoint Gantt Web Part:
    • Single Site Collection License
    • SharePoint Farm License

To purchase a bundled package, please contact Nevron Sales and ask for a customized quote based on your requirements.