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About Technical Support

Nevron Technical Support is based on a 48-hour response policy (most questions are answered within 24 hours). We highly value our clients and will provide you with expert help and advice directly from those who have created the Nevron products.

We provide many free support resources before and after you buy a product from Nevron, as outlined below:

Pre-Sales Support

Within your Evaluation Period you can ask us an unlimited number of questions regarding our products.

In addition, you also receive:
  • Access to hundreds of ready-made examples with source code within each installation;
  • Access to our forum;
  • Detailed Online Documentation;
  • Extended Knowledge Base.

Post-Sale Support

Each Nevron customer receives 3 months of free technical support with their purchase. This includes: Reporting and fixing bugs, clarifying component functionalities, providing pointers regarding our products, and providing support for small code snippets.. *Subject to Fair Usage

Subscription customers benefit from a full year of free technical support and the right to upgrade to any major and minor version releases within this period.

Technical support is available via e-mail or a web meeting with desktop sharing. We do not provide phone technical support.

Product Guidance

Guidance for built-in features and integration

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Performance Related Support

Web Meetings

* Fair Usage Policy

Quick Links & Self-Support Resources