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.NET UI Controls for Windows and Mac OS X Apps

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.NET UI Controls for Windows and Web Apps

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Data Visualization for SharePoint and Reporting Services

Data Visualization for SharePoint

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Data Visualization for SQL Server Reporting Services

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Nevron Office Products

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Customer Quotes:

QUOTE Our challenge was to provide an easy way for customers to setup the many components in one of our ionization systems. Nevron provided an excellent Diagramming component that gave a good-looking and effective interface. The API was easy to learn and use, and provided all the functionality we needed.

The Diagramming component worked so well that later we had no trouble deciding to use the Nevron User Interface controls when we wanted to provide our own classy look-and-feel for our new setup software.

Finally, we were having problems with our existing charting component, and so we ended up solving our problems by replacing it with the Nevron Charting component.

The components from the Nevron suite have been essential for the success of our new software.

Brian Warren
MKS, Ion Systems