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June 9th, 2022 -Nevron Announces the release of Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2022.2- The complete enterprise suite of components for Blazor, WPF, WinForms, and Xamarin.Mac.

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Wilmington, Delaware — June 9th, 2022

The Nevron Team is pleased to announce the official release of Nevron Open Vision for .NET 2022.2 – The Leading User Interface components for Blazor, WPF, WinForms, and Xamarin.Mac.

The new release introduces the much-anticipated support for Blazor/WebAssembly. This pivotal feature marks a new era in the development of feature-rich Web Applications, which are now very difficult to develop with JavaScript and HTML alone.

NOV now supports integration in Blazor/WebAssembly, which makes it possible to develop incredible Web Applications without writing a single line of JavaScript or HTML. What is even better - your new Web Application can natively run on Windows and macOS desktops. Similarly, existing NOV desktop application will now instantly run inside the Browser.

NOV components can be embedded into already existing Blazor, WPF, WinForms, and Xamarin.Mac projects. This means that you can also leverage NOV to consistently implement mission-critical parts of your application – such as Charts, Diagrams, Grids, Rich Text Editor, and others. You can also count on NOV components to deliver an identical API and feature richness to your Web and Desktop applications, regardless of the platform.

NOV can also assist you in the gradual and hassle-free porting of existing WinForms and WPF applications to the Web – all without the need for a complete rewrite, new Web developers recruitment, etc.

In addition, the new release introduces great features across all major UI components in the suite – Chart, Diagram, Grid, and Rich Text Processor, that further extend the capabilities of these industry-leading components.

Following is a list of the new features and improvements, included in the latest version.

General NOV Improvements

Support for Blazor / WebAssembly

NOV has full support for Blazor / WebAssembly. The entire functionality of NOV can be used on the client-side through C# or JavaScript.

Support hardware acceleration in WPF

The WPF rendering has been significantly improved and NOV can render directly to a DirectX image using hardware-accelerated rendering, which dramatically improves the rendering performance of the applications using NOV.

Localization Improvements

Additional strings are added to the localization dictionary and platform-specific localization features are provided on selected platforms. See the Platform Specific Localization Features topic for more information.

IO Improvements

The IO API of NOV has been revised to support asynchronous operations. All components (Rich Text Editor, Diagram, Scheduler, etc.) are rewritten to support asynchronous file operations. This allows for NOV components to be easily adapted to access files located in the Cloud.

Diagram Improvements

Family Tree Shapes Settings

The family tree diagram extension now provides 2 settings for family tree shapes: date format (show dates as 4-digit years or in day/month/year format) and whether to show photos or not.

Text Improvements

Support for Column Breaks inside paragraphs

The Rich Text Editor now supports column breaks inside paragraphs, as regular text inlines. This allows you to have many column breaks per section.

Character and Word Spacing

The control supports controllable character and word spacing which can be applied to blocks, and individual inlines. This allows you to have better control over text layout similar to the one found in professional desktop publishing systems.

Schedule Improvements

Fixed Time Indicators Added

Besides a current time indicator, the Schedule component can now show fixed time indicators with various styles. See the Schedule Time Indicators topic for more information.

Free trial

60 days fully functional evaluation

The best way to understand the power of Nevron Open Vision for .NET is to test it yourself. This is why we provide a fully functional 60 days free evaluation with no obligations whatsoever.

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