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User Interface for .NET Community Edition - FREE FOREVER

Before taking advantage of the free community edition, click here to register an account.

To get your free license, click the button below and download Nevron Vision for .NET. Once you install the component use the following license keys to unlock the Community Edition of the UI for .NET.

*Nevron UI for .NET Community Edition is 100% free and community supported.
  • Design Key: b7030086-bea9-031a-f907-0f0300a7b86e
  • Server Key: c13291b6-1303-3003-0010-00011a3c018b
  • Desktop Key: 0bff3fb6-2d03-bb03-0006-00031a4c0288

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get the free community edition?

What are Desktop, Developer and Web Server license keys for?

How long is my license valid for?

Additional Information

For more information please refer to our Help Documentation. If the information you are looking for is not available, please feel welcome to post your question in our forum.