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What’s New in Nevron Vision for .NET 2019.1

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The new release of Nevron Chart for .NET comes with great new features to extend the data visualization capabilities of the most advanced .NET charting component.

Following is a list of the new features and improvements introduced in the 2019.1 release:

Support for Visual Studio 2019.1

Nevron Vision for .NET now provides full support for Visual Studio 2019!

Bubble Series Improvements

Added support for non - normalized bubble min max sizes. This allows to you display bubbles with smaller data size as larger bubbles on the screen and vice versa.

Heat Map Series Improvements

Added property InterpolateImageEdges to control the way heat maps scale to the edge. Improved heat map contour generation.

Grid Surface Improvements

Added support for conversion of triangulated to grid data (binning) using the grid surface data InitFromPoints method.

Pie Series Improvements

Added property for showing the label connectors begin cap - ShowLabelConnectorBeginCap property
Added property for centering the pie series when in spider non overlap move - CenterPie property

Various Stability and Performance Improvements

The new version features fixes for all reported problems as well other small performance improvements in the control.

Performance Optimitizations

Optimizerd chart min max calculations and cache.
Optimized Legend items measurement and cache.

Other Improvements

Ability to specify the type of exported EMF format - EmfPlus, EmfDual or EmfOnly.
Ability to specifify modifier keys for drag tools (NMouseAction also accepts a collection of modifier keys).
Added support for texture filling content alignment

Various Stability and Performance Improvements

The new version features fixes all reported problems as well numerous small performance improvements in the control.

Customer Quotes:

QUOTE Nevron Vision Suite includes Nevron Chart, Diagram and UI components in a single suite that enables us to focus on what we do best – Data Analytics – while maintaining a consistently professional user experience. Our customers are always impressed with the look and feel of our applications and we have Nevron to thank for that! Our company has standardized the use of Nevron Vision Suite for all of our current and future applications. UNQUOTE

Jeff McMahon, Developer
Pattern Discovery Technologies