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NOV Diagram for .NET Features

NOV Diagram for .NET - Features Overview

NOV Diagram for .NET is a feature-rich diagramming and graph visualization solution. Following is an overview of its most important features:

Diagram Document Object Model

NOV Diagram for .NET is built upon the NOV Document Object Model (DOM). This means that NOV Diagram for .NET benefits from platform-wide features such as CSS Styling, Formula Expressions, and others. Following is a brief overview of the most important objects that constitute the Diagram Document Object Model (DDOM).





Routable Connectors

Shape Features

In NOV Diagram for .NET shapes are stucturally similar to the Micosoft Visio ShapeSheet architecture. This allows the easy replication of most Visio shapes. Following is a brief overview of the most important shape features:

Custom Shapes

End Points Glue

Geometry Commands

Geometry Corner Rounding

Geometry Arrowheads

Inward and Outward Ports

Predefined Shapes

NOV Diagram for .NET features many predefined shapes that are consistently created by shape factories.
Following is a brief overview of the currently provided shape factories:

Arrow Shapes

Basic Shapes

Flow Charting Shapes

Connector Shapes

Brainstorming Shapes

Electrical Symbols Shapes

File and Folder Shapes

Flag Shapes

Floor Plan Shapes

Food Shapes

Network Shapes

Symbol Shapes

Traffic Signs Symbols Shapes

Weather Shapes

Automatic Layouts

NOV Diagram for .NET features strong support for automatic arrangement of diagrams.

Box Layouts

Graph Layouts

Tree Layouts

Drawing Export

The drawings content of NOV Diagram for .NET can be exported to a large set of medias and formats including:

Export to Image

Export to PDF

Export to SVG



NOV Diagram for .NET makes it easy to import geographical data from ERSI shapefiles. You can control the way the shapes are rendered by applying various fill rules to them. You can also specify a map projection to be used for transforming the 3D geographical data to a 2D screen coordinates.

Upon import of a shape additional information from the DBF file that accompanies the shapefile is provided (e.g. Country Name, Population, Currency, GDP, etc.). You can use these values to customize the name, the text and the fill of each shape.

Map projections
World map
World population map