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Porting existing WinForms, WPF, and Xamarin.Mac desktop applications to the Web used to be very hard and expensive. Because of the difficulties involved in the porting process, most of the existing desktop applications never make it to the Web. The ones that are successfully ported, are often completely rewritten, which often makes the desktop version obsolete or poses additional efforts for its long-term support. In this article, we examine the different approaches a company may choose to port its existing applications to the Web. We also present the Blazor-WebAssembly and Nevron Open Vision for .NET (NOV) as a viable solution for porting existing WinForms, WPF, and Xamarin.Mac desktop applications to the Web. The proposed porting solution retains a fully-functional desktop version, produces a feature-rich Web version, and leverages the current qualification of your existing team - while at the same time keeping a low porting cost and risk.

Customer Quotes:

QUOTE I really like the fact that standard windows icons are provided with the NOV Ribbon example, avoiding the need to recreate the wheel and giving a more professional appearance. Using the provided Visual Studio NOV solution, it is fairly straightforward to add custom icons with a few extra simple steps. The gallery of C# examples for all controls makes it easy to create custom layouts. For the handful of customizations I could not find in the examples or user forums, the tech support responses got me going within a day. UNQUOTE

Jay Wilson
K2realm, LLC