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NOV UI Controls for WPF

User Interface Components for WPF

Start developing enterprise level WPF applications with NOV WPF UI Controls!

The NOV WPF controls provide unmatched performance and the latest GUI technologies to your WPF applications.
NOV UI Controls for WPF

User Interface Components for WPF

Start developing enterprise level WPF applications with NOV WPF UI Controls!

The NOV WPF controls provide unmatched performance and the latest GUI technologies to your WPF applications.
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NOV WPF UI Controls
A complete and feature-rich set of WPF User Interface Controls

When it comes to developing enterprise level, visually stunning and immersive WPF applications, the NOV UI Framework will do the job right.

NOV comes with WPF Example Solution including hundreds of examples with source code. It will help with your WPF application development, whether you are working on a new or extending an existing WPF project - you can integrate NOV WPF UI Controls to existing WPF application.

The NOV Framework will not only help with your WPF application development, it will also allow you to start with your cross-platform .NET development and target multiple platforms and devices.

That is correct - when you start developing with NOV, you will be able to build cross-platform applications and User Interfaces using single code base.

Currently NOV includes the following UI Widgets for WPF:
Date Time BoxDate Time Box
Dock PanelDock Panel
Document BoxDocument Box
Drag and DropDrag And Drop
File DialogFile Dialogs
Flow PanelFlow Panel
Group BoxGroup Box
Image BoxImage Box
LabelLabel Box
Layout PanelLayout Panels
List BoxList Box
Menu BarMenu Bar
Message BoxMessage Box
Meta Image BoxMeta Image Box
Numeric up downNumeric Up Down
Pair BoxPair Box
Print DialogPrint Dialog
Progress BarProgress Bar
Radio ButtonRadio Button
Range SliderRange Slider
Scroll ContentScroll Content
Split ButtonSplit Buttons
Stack PanelStack Panel
Table PanelTable Panel
Text BoxText Box
Tool BarTool Bar
Tree ViewTree View
User PanelUser Panels

WPF Ribbon

Nov ui widgets ribbon small

The WPF Ribbon is a widget that lets developers easily enrich their WPF applications with Microsoft Office-like Ribbon UI. NOV WPF Ribbon is fully customizable and scales its child widgets automatically based on the available area. The resizing of the Ribbon is fully customizable as well.

The WPF Ribbon consists of the following main elements:
  • Application Menu
  • Ribbon Tab
  • Collapse Button
  • Additional Content
  • Ribbon Group
  • Dialog Launcher
  • Ribbon Wrap Flow Panel
  • Ribbon Stack Panel
  • Ribbon Button
  • Ribbon Split Button
  • Ribbon Menu
  • Ribbon Gallery

WPF Buttons

Buttons small

The WPF Buttons are widgets, which are typically used to perform a certain action, when clicked. NOV features a complete set of buttons that can contain arbitrary content (i.e. other widgets). Main types of buttons include:
  • Standard buttons
  • Repeat buttons
  • Toggle buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Split buttons
  • Other buttons

WPF Color Pickers

Color Pickers small

The WPF Color pickers are widgets that allow the user pick a color by modifying one or all of its color components through a visual interface.
  • Palette Color Picker
  • Luminance Color Bar
  • Hue Color Bar
  • Saturation-Brightness Color Box
  • HSB Box Color Picker
  • HSB Wheel Color Picker
  • Color Box

WPF Command Bars

Command Bars small

NOV implements advanced WPF command bars that mimic the commanding logic of Microsoft Office 2003, Visual Studio etc. NOV WPF command bars can contain any other widget, and have support for many advanced features. Specific subtypes of commands bars include:
  • Menu Bar
  • Tool Bar
  • Status Bar

WPF Containers

Containers small

The WPF Container widgets are used to contain other widgets and provide different adorner features to their content.
  • Group Box
  • Pair Box
  • Uni Size Box
  • Splitter
  • Tab
  • Document Box
  • Scroll Content
  • And many other...

WPF Context Popups

Context Popups small

The WPF context popups are Popup Windows opened that are opened in a context fashion. Context popups are usually used for:
  • Context Menus
  • Custom Context Popups

WPF Drop Down Edits

Drop down Edits small

The WPF drop down edits consist of a specific editing area and a drop down button located at the right side. When the drop down button is clicked the drop down edit opens popup window, which assists the user with the editing. Notable drop-down edits are:
  • Combo Box
  • Date Time Box
  • Color Box
  • Split Buttons

WPF Layout Panels

Panels small

The WPF layout panels are used to arrange content. The layout panels included in NOV have unique features that are a product of our long term dedication to automatic layouts.
  • Panel
  • Single Visible Panel
  • Dock Panel
  • Stack Panel
  • Wrap Flow Panel
  • Table Flow Panel

WPF Range Based Widgets

Range Based small

The WPF range based widgets are widgets, which display a range and a current value. Notable range based widgets are:
  • Scrollbars
  • Slider
  • Numeric Up Down
  • Progress Bar

WPF Text Visualization and Editing

Text Widgets small

The NOV WPF Label and WPF Text Box widgets allow for the visualization and editing of Unicode text. They are based on our proprietary managed Typography and as such are the only Label and Text Box in the .NET world that can guarantee you 100% identical text quality and speed in all environments.
  • Label
  • Text Box
  • Auto Complete Text Box

WPF List Box

List Box small

The WPF List Box is used to present the user with a list of items he can choose from. The items of the NOV WPF List Box can be any other widgets. Supported are single and multiple selection modes.

WPF Tree View

The WPF Tree View is used to visualize a tree hierarchy. Users can navigate the hierarchy visually by expanding and collapsing certain tree branches. The items of the NOV WPF Tree View can be any other widgets.

WPF Top Level Windows

Top Level Windows small

The WPF top level windows are windows that are opened on top of other windows in the specific presentation layer windows stack. The Top Level Windows of NOV UI for WPF are virtualized. The NOV WPF Top Level Windows feature full control over the window frame and title bar, and can be opened in modal fashion. Top level windows are usually used for:
  • Popups
  • Dialogs

UI for WPF Themes

Themes small

NOV WPF widgets are styled with CSS. NOV initially comes with the following themes:
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP Blue
  • Windows Classic (with all color scheme variations)
  • macOS X Lion
  • macOS X El Capitan
  • Nevron Dark
  • Nevron Light

Miscellaneous WPF UI features

Miscellaneous WPF UI features that apply to all types of widgets include:
  • Borders – an implementation of the W3C borders specification, with many additional enhancements.
  • Commanding – an extensive framework for implementing diverse commanding logic in Enterprise applications.
  • Tooltips – virtualized support for tooltips with many advanced features.
  • Cursors – virtualized support for cursors.
  • Clipboard – virtualized support for clipboard.
  • Drag and Drop– virtualized support for drag and drop.

Customer Quotes:

QUOTE I really like the fact that standard windows icons are provided with the NOV Ribbon example, avoiding the need to recreate the wheel and giving a more professional appearance. Using the provided Visual Studio NOV solution, it is fairly straightforward to add custom icons with a few extra simple steps. The gallery of C# examples for all controls makes it easy to create custom layouts. For the handful of customizations I could not find in the examples or user forums, the tech support responses got me going within a day. UNQUOTE

Jay Wilson
K2realm, LLC