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NOV Gauge for .NET

NOV Gauge for .NET

Advanced Instrumentation Library for Blazor, WPF, WinForms, and Xamarin.Mac.
Features a complete set of Radial and Linear gauges, Digital Displays and State Indicators.

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NOV Gauge for .NET
Advanced Gauge component for .NET application development

NOV Gauge for .NET has extensive support for instrumentation widgets such as radial (circular) and linear gauges, knobs, indicators, and numeric displays. Those Gauge controls can be very useful when creating user interfaces for dashboards, KPIs, dials, stopwatches, clocks, thermometers, LEDs, and simple indicators.

NOV Gauge for .NET features:
  • Radial and Linear Gauges, LED Displays, and State Indicators
  • Multiple Gauge areas and Gauge combinations
  • Advanced Gauge Axis Model and Scales Configuration
  • Unmatched Visual Styling
  • Hardware-accelerated (GPU) rendering based on OpenGL.
  • WYSIWYG printing support.
  • Fully 4K / high resolution compliant.
  • Hardware-accelerated (GPU) rendering based on OpenGL.
  • Import Gauges into NOV text documents or other NOV content
NOV Gauge is part of Open Vision for .NET Professional Edition