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NOV Gauge for .NET Features

Gauge Types

Nevron Open Vision Gauge offers a full range of advanced Gauge types, State Indicators and Numeric Displays that give you a more meaningful way to display KPI's (key performance indicators), dashboards, and other data.

Radial / Circular Gauges

Radial gauge icon

NOV Radial Gauge displays axes, ranges, and pointers in a circular fashion with controllable begin angle, sweep angle, border style, etc.

With the help of this widget, you can display the following radial gauge subtypes: Radial, Quarter North East, Quarter North West, Quarter South West, Quarter South East, Half North, Half South, Half West, Half East, and others.

Linear Gauges

Linear gauge icon

NOV Linear Gauge linearly displays axes, ranges, and pointers, with controllable orientation (horizontal or vertical).

Numeric Display

Numeric led display gauge icon

NOV Numeric Display widget displays values in a LED fashion. The following display styles are available: Seven Segment Normal, Seven Segment Rounded, Seven Segment Rectangular, Fourteen Segment Normal, Fourteen Segment Rectangular, Fourteen SegmentInset, Matrix Rectangle, and Matrix Circle.

Axis-Related Features

Unlimited Number of Axes per Gauge

Radial and Linear gauge types support an unlimited number of axes, packed with a complete set of features designed to solve even the most complex gauge requirements.

Advanced Axis Positioning Options

Axes can be docked to the gauge sides (or rim) or arbitrarily positioned in the gauge model space. In addition, you have control over the begin/end axis position relative to the gauge area.


Control over the ruler position and appearance.


Support for major and minor ticks with control over their appearance and position.

Axis Stripes

Axis Stripes highlight repeating data ranges on the gauge background, with a controllable show/hide pattern.

Axis Sections

Axis Sections conditionally modify the appearance of axis ticks, gridlines, and labels, provided they are within a user-specified data range(s). This feature helps you highlight significant ranges of data along the axis.

Label Layout

Nevron Open Vision Gauge provides advanced axis-label layout options, which let you resolve complex axis-label overlapping cases.

Label Formatting

Label Formatting controls the formatting of values along numeric scales. Advanced currency, percentage, scientific, and date label formatting options are available.

Indicators (Ranges and Pointers)

Unlimited number of Indicators

Linear and Radial Gauges support an unlimited number of pointer and range indicators.

Gauge Ranges

Ranges help you visualize the coverage of values ranges on a certain axis. You have full control over the range offset from scale, appearance, and paint order.

Gauge Pointers

Pointers help you visualize a value on a certain axis. Radial gauges support numerous needle styles. Both linear and radial gauges can display pointers as markers. Both marker and needle pointers allow you to have full control over the pointer offset from scale, appearance, and paint order.