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NOV Chart for .NET Editions Comparison List

General Chart Features
VS Design Time Support
Number of Panels (Charts, Legends, Labels, Watermarks etc.)unlimitedunlimited
Number of Seriesunlimitedunlimited
Number of Data Pointsunlimitedunlimited
Number of Legend Data Itemsunlimitedunlimited
2D Charts
3D Charts
Automatic Data Label Layout
3D Series
3D Bar, XYZ Scatter Bar
3D Stacked Bar, XYZ Scatter Stacked Bar
3D Cluster Bar, XYZ Scatter Clustered Bar
3D Error Bar, 3D XYZ Scatter Error Bar
3D Bubble, XYZ Scatter Bubble
3D Line, XYZ Scatter Line
3D Stacked Line, XYZ Scatter Stacked Bar
3D Smooth Line, XYZ Smooth Line
3D Step Line, XYZ Step Line
3D Point, XYZ Scatter Point
3D High Low
3D Pie, 3D Doughtnut
3D Funnel
3D Vector
2D Series
2D Area, XY Area, DateTime Area
Bar, XY Bar, DateTime Bar
Bubble, XY Bubble
Clustered Bar
Clustered Floating Bar
Floating Bar, XY Floating Bar, DateTime Floating Bar
High-Low, XY High-Low, DateTime High-Low
Heat Map
Line, XY Line, DateTime Line
Point, XY Scatter Point
Smooth Line, XY Smooth Line, DateTime Smooth Line
Smooth Area, XY Smooth Area, DateTime Smooth Area
Step Line, XY Step Line, DateTime Step Line
Stock, DateTime Stock
Stacked Area
Stacked Bar
Stacked Line
100% Stacked Bar
100% Stacked Line
Overlapped Line
Error Bar, XY Error Bar
Box and Whiskers, XY Box and Whiskers, DateTime Box and Whiskers
Polar Point
Polar Line
Polar Area
Radar Line
Radar Area
Stacked Radar Area
100 % Stacked Radar Area
Point And Figure
Three Line Break
Tree Map
Series Attributes
Data Point Markers
Data Point Labels
Empty Data Points
Axis Anchors
Dock Axis Anchor
Cross Axis Anchor
Angular Scale
Numeric Scale
Date / Time Scale
Logarithmic Scale
Ordinal Scale
Hierarchical Scale
Value Timeline Scale
Range Timeline Scale
Date Time Work Calendar
Axis Paging
Date/Time Axis Paging
Numeric Axis Paging
Miscellaneous Axis Features
Scale Sections
Interlaced Strip Lines
Dynamic Strip Lines
Range Selections
Axis Cursors
Axis Const Lines
Axis Stripes
Axis Scrolling
Automatic Scale Breaks
Custom Scale Breaks
View Range Inflate
Ruler Caps
Legend Features
Automatically populate from Series
Manual Legend Data Items
Customizing the Appearance (FillStyle, GridLines etc.)
Legend Interlacing
Multiple Series per Legend
Multiple Charts per Legend
Legend Data Item Text formatting
Auto Sizing
Visual Effects
Alpha Blending
Interactivity Tools
Axis Scrolling Tool
Axis Cursor Tool
Tooltips, Mouse Cursor
Data Zoom Tool
Data Pan Tool
Trackball Tool
Image Export
Export to Raster Image (PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF)
Export to Vector Image (SVG, PDF, EMF/EMF+)