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openvision white paper series labels

Having accurate and complete output labels across a representative set of data is a fundamental requirement for any visual data representation. A good charting product must support an automatic data label layout. This white paper outlines the usage and benefits of the automatic layout functionality.

openvision white paper heat map

Displaying grid-spaced data associated with a value in third dimensions is a common visualization task in many areas such as terrain visualization, material design, geographics, financial analysis, etc. Nevron NOV Chart for .NET fully supports a heat map display with many options that allow you to control how the heat map is scaled, colored, and labeled.
In this whitepaper, you can track the process of creating a chart that presents data for the Carbon Dioxide emissions of European countries. We will try to get the most out of the component and set up an interesting, attractive, and informative chart.

Customer Quotes:

QUOTE We started a search for new components as we switch away from VB/C++ development to .Net, and felt it was time to re-evaluate all controls we commonly use.

I started the evaluation by looking at all charting controls available on Component Source. (The product we currently have used is [by another leading vendor]).

The initial evaluation took the form of creating a simple x-y chart with a x-axis with a lot of times along it, and passing in random y values, and then formatting the chart to look reasonable. This is a good test of ease of use, documentation, examples provided etc. The C# samples provided were excellent!

This amazingly reduced the choice down to just three. The next step was to look at cost. You had a sensible pricing policy, which is where [the other leading vendor] lost out on it's deployment costs. We wanted a Windows Forms solution, but with a possibility of Web Forms too, without having to go through another big investment.

The final points that swung it for us were...
- Great looks.
- A company that makes and concentrates on a few good products, rather than tens of mediocre ones.
- A good website, where you can get the info you want.

Miles Dennis