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NOV WinForms Chart

An advanced Chart component for Windows Forms

Add powerful data visualization capabilities to any WinForms application with business, scientific, financial and presentation charts.

Nov chart for dot net

NOV WinForms Chart
Advanced Charting Control for Windows Forms applications

NOV WinForms Chart allows developers to quickly and easily add advanced charting capabilities to their .NET WinForms applications. The Chart control is fully customizable and includes full set of charting types, advanced chart axes, scale breaks, zooming and scrolling, and much more. Charts are implemented as widgets, so you can easily embed them in your NOV based applications, rich text documents and reports.

Some of the major benefits of the NOV Chart control are:
  • Complete set of charting types
  • Unlimited number of chart series and number of axes
  • Advanced chart axis model
  • Interactivity features - zooming, scrolling, tooltips
  • Optimized for high-performance charting
  • Import Charts into NOV text documents
NOV Chart for WinForms includes:

Area SeriesArea Series
AxesChart Axes
Axis AppearanceAxis Appearance
Axis ElementsAxis Elements
Axis PositionAxis Position
Bar SeriesBar Series
Box And Whiskers SeriesBox And Whiskers
Bubble SeriesBubble Series
Cartesian SeriesCartesian Series
Chart ViewChart View
Combo SeriesCombo Series
Error Bar SeriesError Bars
ExportImage Export
Funnel SeriesFunnel Series
LayoutChart Layout
LegendChart Legend
Line SeriesLine Series
Pdf ExportPDF Export
Pie SeriesPie Series
Point SeriesPoint Series
Polar SeriesPolar Series
PrintingChart Printing
Range SeriesRange Series
RealtimeRealtime Charts
Scale BreaksScale Breaks
SerializationChart Serialization
Stock SeriesStock Series
Tree MapTreeMap Series
Vector SeriesVector Series