About Us

Company Overview

Founded in 1998, Nevron Software is specialized in the development of premium presentation layer and data visualization components for .NET based technologies.

For over a decade, Nevron has been recognized as a leading vendor of advanced Charting, Diagramming and Data Visualization solutions for Microsoft Technologies.

Nowadays, Nevron is also the driver of one of the biggest innovations in the .NET world - Nevron Open Vision (NOV). NOV changes the .NET ecosystems of Microsoft and Xamarin by providing them with a single presentation layer API.

Core Values

It is our belief that each organization is defined by its values. At Nevron we share the following core values, which are reflected in our daily attention to our customers and products:


We strive to be the leader in everything we do. This is possible because of our unique approach to leadership that is based on countless innovations, relentless R&D, deep understanding of the technology and dedication to excellence.


Our most valuable partner is You– the customer. We will always value your feedback regardless of your professional position or experience.


You can count on us - we deliver only the best in our field and support you through the whole life cycle of your project.

Industry Partnerships

Microfost Certified Partner
Visual Studio Partner


Nevron products are used by many companies, educational, governmental and non-profit organizations around the world. Our clients range from individual consultants and developers to Fortune 500 companies. Some of the great companies that chose Nevron are:

Bank of America Corporation
Hewlett Packard
Exxon Mobil