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Nevron Product Delivery

All Nevron products are delivered as ESD (Electronic Software Distribution) via e-mail and through the customer account in

Through your Nevron account you will be able to:
  • Download Nevron product installations from anywhere at any time
  • View all of your orders and their status
  • View the list of your licenses and subscriptions
  • Access Nevron customer support center
When placing an online order, you will have to log into your Nevron account. If you are not currently logged-in, you will be prompted to Login or Register for an account. After you place your order, your account will be automatically updated and you will be able to see the status of the order (pending or fulfilled).

You should receive 2 e-mails:
One of the e-mails will be from Nevron Customer Service with subject: "Thank you for purchasing Nevron products - activate your licenses". It will confirm that you have placed an order and it is with pending status.

You will also receive an e-mail from Nevron Sales with subject: "Nevron Software LLC Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation" for the order's successful transaction confirmation.

To obtain and activate your product license(s), you have to provide the appropriate Machine Id(s) for your Development and/or Server machines. Take a look at: License Activation

All orders are reviewed by our sales team. Please, allow for one business day (up to 24 hours) purchase order processing time. If you don't receive your license details within 24 hours, or if you need any assistance with the ordering process, please contact us with your details: Nevron Sales

Nevron Returns Policy

We make refunds only in case a credit card was stolen and used to purchase a Nevron product license. Nevron is very proud with the quality of our pre-sales support:
  • All of our evaluation versions are fully-functional.
  • We are providing 60-day evaluation versions so you can fully test the products.
  • You can request evaluation period extension from: Nevron Sales
  • Each product is well documented and has a wealth of support resources to aid you during the evaluation.
  • During the evaluation period, users can ask unlimited number of questions regarding our products that will help them decide whether our products suit their needs.
  • Upon request, we are also providing 3 free pre-sale technical support tickets which can be used to request custom code snippets or a web meeting.
If, however, there are any specific issues and you request a refund, you should write to Nevron Sales, provide detailed information on what exactly is the case, and what you don't like in our product(s) and services. We will process the refund ASAP.